Installation & Fabrication

Pneu-Mech’s installation staff is highly experienced in the mobilization, rigging and placement of our specialized finishing systems. Due to the custom nature of our product it is a luxury to have people on staff that are trained and experienced in the installation and integration of our systems to meet our customer’s needs. This allows us to expedite the installation time to keep our customer’s non-production hours to a minimum. We provide training, production assistance, troubleshooting and all service work required to install and maintain our systems.

Pneu-Mech System’s manufacturing facility is 40,000 sq. ft. with all the essential equipment. Hi-definition plasma cutter, metal shears, press breaks and saws to fabricate our specialized and custom paint systems from flat metal to finished equipment. Our fabrication staff is highly experienced in the craft of building our systems in modular form to be freighted to our customer’s facility and shorten the installation process.

Installation & Fabrication Photo Gallery